eOrigen partners with UCLan and UNITEplus for graduate scheme

eOrigen partners with UCLan and UNITEplus for graduate scheme

eOrigen are at the forefront of embracing a wide range of emerging technologies, learning innovations and producing award winning digital eLearning and training materials. Customer’s expectations of digital learning are growing. Classic and predictable eLearning content is no longer enough as people want a better experience to support the full cycle of workplace learning.

Digital learning has become the new norm as organisations increase their spend on digital learning across the board – content, platforms, internal skills and external services. The next generation of digital media and learning has a fresh priority for solutions that are faster and easier to deploy. Deployment made easy with eOrigen content and the company’s platform, INPIN™, a unique combination that is disrupting the market because of our highly sought-after work, we have attracted the interest of NPIF – Maven Capital Partners and part of the Northern Powerhouse investment Fund who have invested £250,000 in to eOrigen to execute our rapid growth strategy to launch and scale our Digital Learning Platform, INPIN™.

To support our growth further, In March we welcomed UCLan Student Cameron Sharp to eOrigen, where he is undertaking an internship in Digital Design, this forms the start of our partnership with UCLan and UNITEplus to aid the development of their creative students or graduates by offering our resources and vast expertise to this invaluable programme.

Heather Widdup – UCLan: “UNITEplus work with Lancashire SMEs to provide a university student or graduate to work on a specific project within their business for up to 140 hours. This allows the SME to develop their capacity through the uptake of new tools and techniques and students and graduates to gain a high-quality placement. Placements can include: Video Production, Marketing, Social Media, Market Research, SEO, Graphic Design, Strategy Development etc. UNITEplus is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund”

Cameron Sharp – 3rd Year Graphic Design at UCLan – eOrigen Intern: “I recently joined eOrigen on a placement scheme through UNITEPlus at UCLan. I applied for this placement as I thought it was the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge on digital design and eLearning as I personally think that this is both the future of design and the future of education.

Having been here for 10 weeks I have learnt more than expected. I have even learned things that I never knew existed. I have mainly taken on the eLearning side of the company and while creating some dummy modules on ‘Storyline’. While creating these modules I have been taught some basics but also some quite intricate things which I have found very interesting, as I have come to grasp with the programme. Alongside working in an amazing environment, the team at eOrigen are spectacular in providing you with help as and when you need it, but also providing you with the comfort of working in a real digital design industry. I love that the work environment is relaxed here as it makes it more comfortable and relaxing to create what needs to be created. I wouldn’t change any of the team as they have made me feel part of the team since my first week of starting.

Overall my time at eOrigen is exactly what I wished plus even more.”

We have all discussed at eOrigen our passion for the placement scheme saying: “The reasoning for having Intern placements is to give people the opportunity to experience a real working industry and also for us to see what young, local talent we have in the area”.

It is forecasted that by 2020, 50% of all training will be online. With our company scope and capabilities, we are at the forefront of this transformation and are proud to be driving this from our Head Office based in Preston, no more than 1 mile away from UCLan itself, so this is great for continuing our partnership as the University link is important to us, not only for sourcing local creative talent and giving the students valuable knowledge to take away but because this is also how a former graduate at UCLan has now paved her career to become Creative Director at eOrigen.